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Tackle Small Pantry Organization with These Tips

Where can you find space near you to help with your small pantry organization? Storage Depot of Hampton is the area’s premier self storage facility, located in Hampton, VA. We conveniently sit off East Mercury Boulevard near the Hampton River, so you have easy access to storage close to your home or business. Let Storage Depot of Hampton assist you in your home organization projects—from small pantry spaces to moves. Get started today!

small pantry organization

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Tips for Small Pantry Organization

Think Outside the Box

Moving some of your pantry items onto open walls by installing additional shelving can free up small spaces in other areas. For example, food prep and cooking are made much easier with everything right at arm’s reach, and you can avoid cluttering cabinet corners or taking up precious countertop real estate. Consider setting up shelves near appliances if possible to keep items on display but still neatly stored until they are needed. There are plenty of outside-the-box pantry storage ideas.

Consider a Pull-Out Pantry in Your Kitchen

Have you thought about installing a pantry that pulls out? This is a great way to utilize the limited space in your kitchen. Not only does this storage mechanism take up less than traditional cabinets, but also helps save time by making it easier to access the items you need. Pulling out the cabinet allows you to view pantry items in the back just as easily as the front, so your days of overlooking hidden expired food are over.

Control Food Containers

Stacking food containers by size and shape ensures that they compactly take up as little space as possible. You can fit the bottoms of the containers into larger sizes of the same shapes and easily have reference to the ones you need. Meanwhile, store their lids vertically, also categorized by size. Your goal is to condense the space that these containers take up, while also creating an efficient way to find what you need later.

Organize Items into These Categories

Grouping similar items together will make all the difference when organizing your small pantry. Designate zones, so everything has its place. Better Homes & Gardens recommends these categories:

  • Cans
  • Pasta/Grains
  • Bread/Rolls
  • Breakfast Food
  • Snacks
  • Spices
  • Bottles/Beverages

Stack Durable Items

When you start to worry about running out of room in your pantry, start stacking up your shelves. You can keep canned goods, pasta boxes or other sturdy food items for the long term without concerns over them getting crushed by the weight of other items.

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