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How to Pack Your Storage Unit for a Secure Rental

How can you pack up your storage unit to stay organized and efficient for the long-term? Storage Depot of Hampton has self storage tips to help with your rental—from choosing your storage unit to packing it up. Our storage office on East Mercury Boulevard has the packing supplies and professional service you need for an easy self storage experience. Find your storage unit in Hampton, VA, and get organized!

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Plan Your Storage Unit Layout

When setting up your storage unit, it is important that you take into account which items should be placed near the door for easy access and which valuable items are better placed toward the back for security purposes. To prevent running out of room or squishing items in, try planning ahead by placing all of these considerations on paper before packing up your storage unit. Write out your items and your anticipated number of boxes to map out a potential storage space and think about different unit sizes.

As you are packing your unit, we recommend leaving an aisle down the center with accessible corners in mind. Give yourself a good head start on your long-term organization by leaving that extra room, so you can get to deep corners later as you need to pick up belongings.

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Stock Up on Quality Packing Supplies

We sell packing supplies on site so that customers can be prepared to store at any time. If you are running low on boxes or forgot some extra tape to seal up your items, then stop by our office and grab what you need. Our storage professionals can suggest supplies for you based on what you are looking to store. For example, you may need glass packing kits, moisture absorbers, or furniture covers. We have it all available on East Mercury Boulevard.

Label Boxes & Bins

When you cannot see the contents of a box or bin, it is worth your time to at least categorize what’s inside. You can label “pots and pans,” as well as “car tools” or “winter clothes,” which will save yourself much trouble later when looking for specific items in that particular group. Marking storage containers with room information also saves movers time and tells them where they need leave it in your new space. Figure out a labeling system that will work best for you. Whether you need to see each item written on the box, you can remember based on categories, or you prefer to create a separate cheat sheet, there are plenty of ways for you to find a system that can serve you well.

Get Organized with Storage Depot of Hampton, VA

When you figure out how to best pack your storage unit, you will feel confident in your decision to rent storage. Self storage is an affordable and convenient option to find more space for your home or business. At Storage Depot of Hampton, you can pick a Hampton, VA, storage unit from our wide selection of indoor and outdoor storage. Look at our available storage units online, and secure your space in a few steps. Just enter your personal information, enter your payment information, and you are free to move in on your designated move-in date once you receive access information to your email.

Not sure what kind of storage unit you should rent? Our storage experts can assist you over the phone and in person. Talk through the items you are looking to store and for how long. They can suggest a storage unit size for you, as well as specific amenities and packing supplies. For quick reference to which storage unit size you need, use our storage calculator. Find your storage now!

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