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May 12, 2022

How Much Storage Space Do You Need to Rent?

If you are new to renting self storage, how do you know how much storage space you need? Experts at Storage Depot of Hampton can help you identify the best storage unit to hold and protect your belongings. Whether you are looking for something small for only a few months or a storage unit you can add items to long-term, we have the self storage to support you in Hampton, VA. Look through our storage unit size guide to find the right space for you!

storage unit size guide - how much storage space do i need

How Much Storage Space Do I Need?

Small Storage Units

If you are looking for an extra closet’s worth of space, the perfect storage unit for you is a small size where you can stash your items that do not get used day to day. The best way for people who have limited space in their homes to get organized is by prioritizing the items that take up your primary home storage space and storing the rest outside your home. Our small storage units can hold about one room’s contents—with minimal large items. Anything bigger than a full-size mattress will most likely need a larger size storage unit. Always check measurements before attempting to store!

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units are great for those who need to store those larger items like mattresses, couches and desks. These spaces can accommodate larger pieces up until about the size of two rooms’ worth—which makes them ideal if you’re looking not just at storing your belongings but also allowing room in case the load grows over time!

Large Storage Units

Store your excess items with Storage Depot of Hampton. Whether you’re moving homes, downsizing your business, or just trying to organize in general, our large residential and commercial storage units can help! We offer a variety of solutions that will suit any need. Contact us today to talk through your storage rental with one of our professionals. They can help you pick out the best storage unit size for your load and answer any questions you have about our different indoor and drive-up storage units.

Find Self Storage Space with Storage Depot of Hampton, VA

So how much storage space do you need? If you are still unsure after reading our storage unit size guide, check out our online storage calculator. You enter in the items you are looking to put away into storage, and the tool gives you an accurate storage unit size suggestion.

When you want to rent storage contact-free, come to Storage Depot of Hampton. Our online storage rentals make it simple to browse our available storage units, look through our storage and security features, and choose the best fit for you. You can handle renting and ongoing payment all online, and you only need to come down to the self storage facility to move in and swap out items. Let Storage Depot of Hampton help you control the clutter in your Hampton, VA, home or business. Self storage has never been easier than renting online!

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